Help! Why Does My Baby Cry So Much?


Babies cry for a number of reasons, but you cannot always decide why. If your baby cries a lot it can feel very traumatic, sometimes trapped wind can make babies uncomfortable, but if you “burp” him before laying him down to rest it will help. Part way through a feed sit baby upright on your knee, gently support him slightly forward with your hand on his chest, you thumb and first finger under his chin which lifts your baby’s chest gently away from his tummy then rub or pat his back. This will dislodge any wind. Another way is to hold him up to your shoulder and rub or pat his back. Either way you are extending his body slightly, rather than him being in a crouched position. Protect your clothing with a cloth to prevent regurgitated milk stains, with the burp. Repeat this at the end of the feed. Your baby may be very sleepy by now and ready for a nap. There are preparations you can give to very windy babies that suffer from colicky pains, if this is baby’s problem watch for him bending his legs up with a painful tummy and lots of screaming. See your pharmacist for advice.

If you pick your baby up as soon as he cries he will learn to cry for the comfort of being picked up. Native women carry their babies on their backs with them all day, babies love the close bodily contact; they have felt warm and secure for the past 9 months being comforted by the rhythm of your heart beat. However you have to decide how much time you need without holding your baby for other activities around the house and what feels right for you. Some mums love holding their babies for long periods of time, but babies do need a great deal of sleep to grow and develop.

Some babies cry endlessly and when you are a new mum this can be very stressful and worrying. You are probably sleep deprived, and as anxious and upset as they are. Maybe your mum or a friend can give you a break for a while to catch up on some sleep or some time-out. Don’t be afraid to ask.

If you get really desperate and you have checked for wind and other possible causes put the baby safely in his cot, shut the door and walk away he will be safer there than you getting more and more anxious and stressed. Put some music on and relax or occupy yourself with something to take your mind off his distant cries, he is likely to drop off to sleep in a few minutes. You probably have a baby monitor to check him.

Some mums choose to swaddle young babies to keep them feeling secure this is achieved by taking a small soft blanket or flannelette sheet and laying them on it and wrapping them up, not tightly but reasonable closely, wrapping them and their arms into it, this can help them feel warm and safe. This could help if your baby feels insecure.


Source by Anne O’Dwyer

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