BraveJusticeKidsCo | Snack Attack II Snack Cup | Collapsible Silicone Snack Container | Toddler and Baby Snack Catcher…


  • DURABILITY:100% Silicone will not break, unlike plastic parts on the majority of snack cups.
  • MADE FOR FAMILIES: Soft silicone material. Flaps will not bite little hands reaching in and easy for baby to pull out snacks. Large holding handle with no slip grip technology.
  • SPILL PROOF: Shake, rattle and throw and the snacks still stay inside!
  • PEACE OF MIND: This kids Snack Cup has a Dust Proof Lid to keep unwanted “things” out. Tight and snug fit lid prevents any dust, dirt, sand, or grass from getting into baby’s snack.
  • CONVENIENT: Easy, quick, fun snacks on the go. Very simple to clean. Easily rinse product with warm soapy water or dishwasher.


The Snack Attack comes with 1 snack cup that collapses into a big and small size. Have you seen a snack cup like this before? This SnackCup collapses in order to provide you with more space in the diaper bag and also allows tiny baby hands to reach all the way down. This toddler snack container is made of certified 100% silicone, which is extremely durable and is a premium material for a baby snack container to be made out of.

This snack container for toddlers is unique with its no spill technology because the snacks stay in the cup without the lid on. The lid protects from dirt and anything else unwanted from going inside. You can be assured the snacks will not fall out even with the silicone lid off. The snack catcher flaps and cup are separate from the lid.

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