Silicone Summer Kids Beach Set

BraveJusticeKidsCo. | Silicone Summer Kids Beach Set | Toddlers and Baby Sandbox Toys (Blush) + Beach Bag

Taking your sandy summer experience to the next level with our 100% Silicone beach set!

Say hello to the new, modern and safer way to take on the beach. With our soft silicone set your little ones have limitless creative beach play!

Sturdy bucket with grips on the handle for easy carrying!

Whether you're at the beach or the lake our silicone buckets are sturdy enough to carry water, sand or any other treasures you find. The handles with grips makes it easy for little hands to carry and ensure a tight hold.

Taking on the beach in style!

Wheres one place you can have fun, get dirty and be cute?! THE BEACH!Warm sand, sandy toes, and soft toys!
Our beach set is soft enough for your littles hands but durable to last you years of summer time fun!Soft silicone4 Fun toysSturdy shovel & bucketAdded beach bag

Making lifetime memories one beach trip at a time!

Whether you're going to the beach, lake, bathtub or playing in the snow, our silicone sets are durable to last you years of fun but also years of exciting memories. Your little ones have endless opportunities to explore the water and sand!