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Not only are our products made from eco-friendly raw materials, but our production is also 100% powered by solar and wind energy


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Here at BraveJusticeKidsCo. our mission is to bring to you innovative modern designs, and eco-friendly, durable products that have been tested and certified safe for your little ones. For all your silicone needs, we’ve got you covered!


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I just got this in the mail today and I already love it! My favorite part is that it’s just one piece. We used to use the munchkin snack cups but my son figured out how to take the top of within a few days and his snacks would end up all over the floor, with this that’s not possible which is a win in my book. I also love the solid neutral color and that it doesn’t take up much space in my cupboard because it’s collapsible. The lid is also a plus and is great for when you want to toss it in the diaper bag. I will never buy another snack cup, this one checks all of the boxes.

- Amanda

Great product! I really recommend the bowls. They are microwave safe and wash up so nice

- Barbara Johnstone

The cups are a great product! They’re soft so kids don’t hurt their hands reaching to get the snacks... they’re durable... won’t break or crack when they’re dropped... they are convenient to stow, and the colors are cute!! Highly recommend them!

- Kelsey Dillon

I bought this for my 15 month old after trying a couple different ones i’ve found when out shopping. and i love it! it’s easy to clean and store. but most importantly, it’s so easy for my daughter to use on her own! other ones i have tried are too stiff for her little hands to reach in and be able to pull out the snacks on her own. but the soft silicone of this snack cup is perfect! and the beautiful color is just a bonus:) will definitely buy more soon!

Lizzy Fisher

I like the sturdy/weighted cups for learning to drink from a cup. These are perfect for that and the addition of handles on some of the cups are great for little hands and a good transition tool. The fact that they can be thrown in the dishwasher makes them an overall win for me.


We love these cups. Other “recommended” brands from Solid Starts are $50+??? This is affordable and is great quality. Friends and family have said it looks like pottery. The colour is beautiful. They’re a great weight, so they are sturdy.

My now 9 month old started drinking out of these at her BLW meals starting at 6 months, and got the hang of it very fast. It’s always going to be a mess when a baby feeds/ drinks by themselves, but it’s amazing how they pick things up so quickly. And with a great bib, who cares how messy it is!
She goes absolutely crazy for these cups.
Buy them. You won’t be disappointed!!

Erin Grace Finn