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About BraveJusticeKidsCo.®

In 2019, Brooke and Dre'as embarked on a transformative journey, fueled by a singular vision: to cultivate a sanctuary where parents, like themselves, could find trustworthy, imaginative, and conscientiously designed products for their little ones. Compelled by a passion to intertwine sustainability, safety, quality, and affordability seamlessly, they laid the foundations of BraveJusticeKidsCo., a veteran owned business, with unwavering determination and innovative spirits, they set out to revolutionize the children's marketplace for parents like them.

Determined to nurture their child in a home they could actually trust, Brooke and Dre'as set out on a mission. Their quest: create a wonderland of eco-friendly, innovatively designed products that all parents and babies would love. No sacrifices required between sustainability, safety, quality and affordability. Just conscientious products they'd confidently use on their own little ones.

Dre'as brought his engineering mindset to the table, helping develop their proprietary SafelyMadeKids system. This barcode-based verification database enables unprecedented transparency around testing and compliance documentation. Also, pioneering innovations like their patented SiliSteel. This proprietary material enhances durability and heat resistance while remaining gentle on little hands and mouths.

Meanwhile, Brooke drew on her years of nanny experience to design products both practical and whimsical for all little ones. According to Brooke's creative vision for aesthetic, safe, quality and eco-friendly products led the way into color schemes and designs that provide stimulation, entertainment, and developmental benefits for young minds. Her background caring for children gives Brooke an intuitive sense of how to combine imaginative elements with functionality in each item.

They approach every product with the same ideals they sought as parents:

Safety First: All their items undergo rigorous third-party testing. And with SafelyMadeKids, parents can easily access verification of their safety processes.

Eco-Friendly Production: They utilize recyclable materials and %100 renewable energy in manufacturing to minimize environmental impact.

Modern Aesthetics: Their products blend vibrant colors and sleek styling with playful functionality. They want items both parents and kids will love having in their homes.

Innovative Designs: Every product starts with an aim to improve upon what's already available. They are continuously experimenting and refining to enhance their offerings.

Affordable Quality: Their direct-to-consumer model allows them to provide premium products at reasonable prices for all families.

In just a few short years, BraveJusticeKidsCo has experienced tremendous growth, seeing over $4 million in sales to date. But they've remained committed to their founding values. Their products have brought joy to thousands of children while giving parents peace of mind.

As they continue Brooke and Dre'as' mission, their commitment remains to revolutionize the children's industry by proving consumers don't have to compromise between affordability, safety, sustainability and innovation. They look forward to little ones joining the Brave Justice family!


BraveJusticeKidsCo. is a safe, eco-friendly, innovative children’s products company. Ran by wife and husband team and co-founders; Brooke and Dre’as who take great pride in specializing in 100% renewable energy production and modern technology.

They are also setting the standard for transparency and safety in the industry with Safely Made Kids™️- a tracking and verification system for children’s products.   

Our Products are Safe and Certified



Not only are our products made from eco-friendly raw materials, but our production is also 100% powered by solar and wind energy.


Soft Silicone & Durable

100% Soft silicone


100% Food Grade

100% Platinum food Grade Silicone - free of BPA, lead, PVC, latex, and phthalates


Tested and certified

Safe for little ones to use and for parents to have peace of mind