What You Need To Know About Transitioning To A Sippy Cup

What You Need To Know About Transitioning To A Sippy Cup.

What You Need To Know About Transitioning To A Sippy Cup.

If your baby is ready to sit up in a high chair, they’re also ready to drink from their first sippy cup.

Not only will this teach them that liquid can come from a source other than a breast or a bottle, but it will also help them transition from the bottle once it’s time to wean. Here’s how to pass the cup to your new generation.

Why You Should Switch Your Baby To A Sippy Cup

Most moms lead busy lives. That means they need to manage their time well, and sippy cups are a lifesaver when you’re in a hurry. One significant advantage of Sippy Cups is that it is harder to spill, resulting in fewer messes. Moreover, they are portable, so your little prince or princess can carry one everywhere they go, whether in the vehicle, in the stroller, or at daycare.

However, there are also certain risks associated with using sippy cups. Sugary liquids like formula, pumped breast milk, and milk — for toddlers over the age of 1 — have greater potential to coat the teeth since taking a drink from a sippy is tougher for your infant than taking a sip from an open cup or even a cup with a straw. Your little angel has a perfect smile, and you don’t want cavities to ruin that.

Toddlers who continuously drink from sippy cups are at a higher risk of developing cavities and dental decay, and may also develop an aversion to solid foods.

Additionally, some professionals believe that kids who use sippy cups aren't getting the same workout for their jaw, tongue, and lips as those who use straws or open cups.

Sippy cups that encourage sipping, rather than sucking, are the healthiest option for your child's teeth. The liquid is more likely to pool around your baby's teeth if they have to suck it out.

Look for a cup with a sturdy straw or spout, two handles, a bottom weight to keep it standing, and no valve to regulate the liquid flow. This is what makes for a good sippy cup.

A standard cup is the safest bet for your kid's teeth. Even while a sippy cup may help ease your kid's transition from a bottle to a normal cup by preventing spillage as their motor coordination develops, you should only use it until your child is ready to switch to a regular cup.

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