Why Modern Moms Choose Silicone Products Over Plastic

Why Modern Moms Choose Silicone Products Over Plastic

 Is silicone better than plastic for the babies? As a parent, you may wonder if switching from plastic products to food grade silicone ones would be beneficial. 

Brave Justice Kids Co. is a reputable baby silicone products supplier that provides high-quality and non-toxic silicone utensils. We’ll discuss why parents are opting for silicone over plastic and why you should too. 

Silicone Vs. Plastic: What's the Difference

Although there are similarities in their uses and practicality, silicone is not the same as plastic. The two materials are made up of different components. The main difference is how these two materials are produced and sourced.

While silicone contains a manufactured element, plastic is a completely artificial material derived from resources such as crude oil extracted from the Earth. Because of the large carbon footprint it leaves, the method by which this material is sourced has sparked much debate.

Silicone, on the other hand, is derived from silica, a naturally occurring substance. While the heating process to convert silica to silicon and then to silicone can be harmful to the environment, it is less harmful than plastic.

Which is Better Plastic or Silicone?

There are many reasons why mothers prefer food grade silicone products for their babies. The silicone utensils advantages are noteworthy. First, silicone is a safe material that is free of chemicals and toxins. It is:

-BPA free


-Pvc free

Recent studies have shown that harmful chemicals in many plastics can seep into food and drinks, causing potential health problems. BPA is one of the many bisphenols that are used to solidify plastics. Because bisphenols can imitate the body's reproductive hormones, they may influence fertility and puberty timing. Moreover, there is evidence that they may increase body fat and affect the nervous and immune systems.

One issue is the presence of chemicals in plastics. However, small pieces of plastic material may pose an additional risk. Polypropylene is a plastic used to make many plastic bottles and sippy cups. Researchers also discovered that polypropylene bottles shed millions of microscopic plastic particles into the liquid they contain. When babies drink from those bottles, they also consume microparticles.

Silicone is also very durable and does not break easily. Additionally, silicone products are dishwasher safe, making them easier to clean than plastic products. 

Can you microwave silicone? Certainly! It’s heat-resistant and can withstand being in the microwave or freezer much better than plastic. Plus, it’s non-porous and won’t harbor bacteria like plastics.

Finally, silicone products tend to be more aesthetically pleasing than plastic products, which can be an important consideration for some mothers.

Baby Silicone Products Supplier Available Online

Silicone products are of higher quality than their plastic counterparts, so they're worth the investment. If you're looking for safe, high-quality products for your family, ditch the plastics and switch to non-toxic silicone.

As a baby silicone products supplier, BraveJusticeKidsCo. offers products that are safe for your baby and the environment. See what we have in store for you!

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